#057 Meilleures pratiques pour gérer ses comptes clients et se faire payer rapidement

#057 Best practices for managing customer accounts and getting paid quickly

Managing your customer accounts can have a crucial impact on the company's liquidity.

In the complex world of small business financial management, there is one often underestimated but fundamental factor that can make all the difference between success and difficulty: effective accounts receivable management.

If you run a business, you already know that cash flow is the backbone of any business operation. However, one of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is how to maintain a delicate balance between growing their business and managing cash flow.

In this blog, we'll dive into the deep waters of how to manage your accounts receivable and take a close look at five best practices that can help you skillfully navigate this demanding financial landscape. Let's discover together how simple, but strategic, actions can have a considerable impact on your company's cash flow.

Implement best practices

Here are the five (5) best practices to get paid quickly by your customers:

  1. Clear and accurate invoicing : Make sure your invoices are detailed, easy to understand and contain all necessary information, including details of services provided, associated costs and payment details.
  2. Transparent payment terms : Define payment terms, deadlines and possible penalties in the event of delay from the start. The clearer the expectations, the more likely customers are to meet payment deadlines.
  3. Diverse payment options : Offer multiple payment methods, such as bank transfers, checks and electronic payments. This makes the process easier for your customers and can speed up payments. Consider automating your payments with apps like Rotessa .
  4. Proactive follow-up: Send payment reminders before the due date and follow up regularly if you are late. Proactive communication can resolve potential issues and encourage on-time payments.
  5. Rewards for prompt payments: Encourage early or on-time payments by offering discounts or special benefits to your customers. This can motivate them to pay their bills more quickly.

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