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Customized Online QuickBooks Training (Start-up)

Customized Online QuickBooks Training (Start-up)

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Do you feel this way with QuickBooks?

  • An elephant in a china shop.
  • A dog in a bowling game.
  • A fish out of its bowl.

No stress! We are here for you.

What if, thanks to personalized training, you learned to configure and use your accounting software to its full capacity?

  • Understanding and planning your accounting
  • Master all the functions of QuickBooks, according to your needs
  • Do your bookkeeping and financial statements yourself (and save both time and money)
  • Ensure diligent monitoring of your sales and profitability
  • Avoiding the Sins of Small Business Accounting.
  • Better understand accounting and budget preparation.
  • Make the most of your favorite applications like QuickBooks Online®.
  • Increase your sales and accelerate the development of your business.

Online Quickbooks training with qualified guide…

  • I am an advanced Quickbooks, Helm Cash Flow and Budgeto expert.
  • I have several experiences in finance, accounting, project management and international business relations.
  • I have 12 years of experience with an international organization.
  • I have 7 years of experience in international project management
  • I have managed numerous IT projects (CRM, accounting and portfolio management).
  • I have 15 years of experience in SME financing (banking portfolio management and CFO).
  • I have managed many start-ups and high growth companies.
  • I have experience as a business coach in finance and sales.
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